The Awards

I didn’t watch them this year. I think the last time I watched the Oscars was when Jennifer Lawrence fell down the first time.

I used to care about them a lot when I was in high school. Acting had just started to seem like a possible career dream, and everything that had to do with acting blipped on my radar.

Award shows were a big part of it. I’d already created a mental list of who I was going to thank; future agencies and publicists, future cast members and film crew members, etc.

I was mentally prepped for that night. And then… I stopped caring.

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I find music a very wonderful part of writing. While we can’t write musicals into books (well, you can, but where’s the sound supposed to go?), it’s still a nice way for us to find that… feeling we want to get in our writing.

Mood music. If I’m working on a scene that has action in it–say… a fight scene–then I need to understand the mindset of being in such a high-adrenaline situation. Of course, I’m sitting in bed with my laptop, so I myself am not very thrilled.

Listening to a fast and loud song can definitely get my heart pumping faster. Music can help you “get in the zone.”

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Can you read your old stuff?

This might sound like a childish question, but it’s been eating at me for a while now.

A lot of us can say that we’ve been writing ever since we could remember–that we always loved to write ever since we were little children. There are some of us that know exactly when we started writing, and why we started in the first place.

So we must’ve left behind hundreds and hundreds of first drafts, right? Somewhere in old files on our computers or in old flash drives… maybe a box of the stuff written by hand…

Ever went back to read them?

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Narration & Tense

Who tells your story important. We understand that you–the author–wrote it, but who have you chosen to tell it?

This might be repetitive to some writers because we deal with narration all the time. But maybe we overlook our narrator, or maybe we don’t realize it can be a deciding factor for a reader.

Consider this a refresher course on narration techniques. This includes narrators as well as tenses! Sounds like fun, right?

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First off, I do not think fan-fiction is bad. I think fans who decide to write their own versions of existing stories–in film, on television, or from books–is a nice way for them to get into creative writing and thinking. They take what exists and reinvent it with their ideas, their experiences…. It’s making what you love more personal to you.

However, there is bad fan-fiction out there.

THIS IS MY OPINION, my personal view on fan-fiction, and what I think makes good fan-fiction.

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I Want Fries With This Shake

It’s 4:o6pm (PST) on a Tuesday as I start this post. I just experienced an earthquake.

I mean, I live in Southern California, miles and miles from the San Andreas Fault. And, technically-speaking, I’ve been through earthquakes before. However, these past earthquake were years ago and barely felt where I lived at the time… often compared to passing gas (not my comparison).

This one was totally felt.

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Story Time: Sunday


This is a true story. Not necessarily written in a “storytelling” format. I’m just… literally… telling.

About six hours ago (12pm, my time) I was scrambling to come up with a topic for Today’s post. I only had fifteen minutes to get to class, which included stopping by the student store to get a snack for later, so my brain was spinning.

I decided I’d try and post a short story. My online storage drive didn’t have anything I could share yet, so I tried making one up on the spot… sort inspired by what happened to me Sunday evening.

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