The Page – Excerpt #1

Ooooh… my real name….

Okay… the real reason I started this blog–just kidding (but not really).

Last November, I published a YA fantasy novel through Amazon’s CreateSpace site (no, I’m not being paid to mention that). It’s titled The Page: The Middle Realm Trilogy Book 1. I’ll just refer to it as The Page.

It’s the first book of a planned trilogy (because there aren’t enough of those) so I thought I’d share something about it here on this blog (even though I devoted a page to it, and yes, that page needs work). Let me set up the scene….

Our protagonist, the humble page Thaniel Hew, along with his witch-for-hire Mandolin and new companion Mal, are readying their horses to move onto the next leg of their journey (to rescue a princess from Valhalla, Thaniel’s home kingdom). Thaniel and Mandolin won their pair of horses from Mal, and here they are… readying them.

Of course, I like to have fun when I write, so I thought I’d focus in on the horses and their point-of-view on this situation: meeting their new riders.

P.S. This book’s already published, so if you having any tips… it’s too late. Sorry.


They arrived at the stables, a large place resembling a jail cell—only better furnished. Each stall was marked with a number. There were other horses, a few cows and sheep, and a chimera who was always embarrassed to admit he liked staying in places like this.

Mal had three keys with three numbers in sequential order. He stopped at 115. “This here’s Rutherford, my horse. Bonnie and Clyde are 116 and 117. Go see who they like.” He handed Mandolin and Thaniel the keys. “I’m assuming you know how to gear up a horse?” he added.

“Don’t patronize us.” Mandolin ushered a still-sleepy Thaniel down the walkway to the next stalls; they were quite large.

The horses stuck their heads out of the stalls, probably in response to Mal’s voice. Bonnie, in stall 116, was a chestnut brown horse with a matching, flowy mane, a very quiet and contemplative shade. Clyde was a white horse, freckled with grey dots here ad there, with a grey mane—a little rare, but still beautiful in its rarity.

Mandolin was already drawn to Clyde. “I want him,” she said.

Thaniel frowned. “Okay, then. I’ll have Bonnie.” The page normally dealt with stallions and wild horses, helping the agricultural hands of the castle break them and take care of them. He wasn’t sure whether to expect this female horse to be wild or mild-mannered.

The witch was already in the stall, brushing Clyde’s coat and giggling whenever Clyde would turn to nibble at her hair. He already took a liking to her despite the magic radiating off her.

Thaniel felt that the odds were Bonnie wouldn’t like him, but he was mostly wrong. While Bonnie was silent and a little still as Thaniel brushed her and readied her with her saddle, it was mostly because she was never really ridden before. She was particularly indifferent to Thaniel, but if their owner allowed him to ride her, then it meant he was good enough.

What concerned her most was that she wasn’t sure if having a male on her back meant that she was being unfaithful [to] Clyde.

Wait. If that female rode Clyde, then it meant Clyde was being unfaithful to her! It made perfect horse sense!

Bonnie stomped a hoof, making Thaniel pause. Was she going to go crazy in the stall? Was he going to be trampled and maimed beyond recognition?

The horse glanced back him, nodding for him to stop being stupid and continue readying her.

Incredibly alert now, Thaniel did as she apparently asked.

Bonnie went back to thinking. She could hear the female human giggle in the next stall, and she didn’t like it. So that’s how Clyde wanted to play, huh? Two could play at that game.

While Thaniel finished getting that annoying thing into her mouth, Bonnie nuzzled at his neck, hoping it would make him ticklish. He laughed loudly with surprise. Bonnie hoped it was loud enough for Clyde to hear it.

There was certainly no more giggling coming from his stall.

All three horses were led out of the stalls and into the walkway. The keys were given to Mal, who would give them to the stall owner on their way out. “Everyone getting along?” he asked. Rutherford seemed to be saying the same thing, given his little neigh and nod of the head.

Bonnie and Clyde looked away from each other as Thaniel and Mandolin answered in the affirmative. They proceeded to follow Mal and Rutherford out of the walkway, Bonnie practically dragging Thaniel to be next, leaving Clyde in the rear.

With these varying attitudes, the six of them marched down Marshwoods and toward the gate, slowly moving forward in another leg of the journey.

Agh. I lost the formatting here. There might be more excerpts in the near future, but for now, I’ll start with simple things.

The Page is available in print from Barnes&Noble. It’s available in print and Kindle format from Tell your bookwormy friends!

Thank you for your time.


Author: Saffron Grey

"Saffron Grey" is a preferred pen name, something to be referred to online. Saffron wants to be cool. School is a full-time job, writing is a dream career, blogging---a hobby, and acting---a dream. To do all three at the same time is a challenge gladly accepted. Saffron lives in California with her mother, sister, and their dog, Pepe.

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