A Day Out ‘n About

My films. A lady thought I was going to shoot her. Finals.

These are the topics of this post.

Maybe some of you have already graduated from various educational institutions. More power to you. That’s great. You’re in the real world.

Some of us are reaching the end. For me, finals for this quarter are next week. We get a one-week break and then Spring quarter starts: my last one to obtain my bachelor’s in English. Yaas.

With that said, I’m really tired despite the fact I have it easier than most of my peers. I only have 3 classes–2 of them with the same instructor. The 3rd one is ridiculously lenient that most of us haven’t even finished the assigned reading and are still passing. Sadly, this 3rd class is an easy A.

Even if I had it easy, it’s a little easier now since I no longer have to worry about memorization and a shooting schedule. My film club had its little premiere Tuesday night. My sister and mother attended with me and they enjoyed them.

a day out n about - film club

Here is the link to the playlist on the film club’s YouTube channel. I’d like to support the club any way I can, so I think sharing it here should help.

This playlist includes my one-minute film, the film “Gary Stu/Mary Sue” where I play Mary Sue, and the film “Evasive” where I make a small appearance.

If you can, please take the time to watch the videos, or give a ‘Like’ to the ones you do. Comment even? I know it would mean the world to the film-makers. Support fellow artists, fellow storytellers.

Each of these films were written, cast, directed, edited, and performed by university students. They took time out of their busy schedules–school and work–to make these. I had a fun time doing this and plan to do more in the next quarter. I even–

Oh, yeah!

A woman thought I was going to shoot her.


What had happened was I was parking at a 99¢ store. I’d noticed a woman in my peripheral heading to her car, but I paid no mind.

I drive an old truck and its alarm system doesn’t work. But what I do have is one of those clubs you extend across the steering wheel; I also lock all the doors and check to see if anything worth stealing was in plain sight. There never is.

So I went about my normal routine of pulling out the club and placing it, locking it in and getting out. As I was walking away from my truck, I paused at the sound of “Ma’am! Ma’am?”

The woman was addressing me. I believe she said, “When I saw you pull out that thing, I thought ‘Is she gonna shoot me?'” and then laughed.

It took me a few seconds to realize she’d seen me pull up the club and had mistaken for a rifle. I was completely baffled as I explained my truck had no alarm and I use that club. She understood, of course, but she’d wanted to share that brief experience of fright with me. We chuckled about it and I proceed inside the story.

While I thought seriously on the topic of shootings becoming more of a societal fear… I also felt how ridiculous it would be that, of all the places to shoot up, one would go to a 99¢ store. Just thoughts as I shopped….

So, without further ado, here is the one-minute video that premiered at my film club’s film screening for the Winter quarter!

I know it uses the same song as the other one I’d posted, but these were test films. I think my sister and I plan to make more little films like this in the future.

Thank you for your time.



Author: Saffron Grey

"Saffron Grey" is a preferred pen name, something to be referred to online. Saffron wants to be cool. School is a full-time job, writing is a dream career, blogging---a hobby, and acting---a dream. To do all three at the same time is a challenge gladly accepted. Saffron lives in California with her mother, sister, and their dog, Pepe.

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