Abandon Manuscript!: The Diary of a Quitter

We’ve all been here. Here’s a great post, a confession many of us have often made.

The Crooked Pen

I’m notorious for jumping ship whenever a story becomes complicated. Friends ask me frequently how a story is going and my blood goes cold.

Oh,” I think, “just imagine a sinking boat that suddenly catches fire only to be extinguished by a humpback whale, leaping from the water and crushing it into splinters with its girth. That’s how the story is going.”

I frequently write myself into corners.

I create plots that are too complex to unravel.

I design characters that don’t do what I want them to do.

Then there’s the constant feeling of being adrift at sea, wondering “now what?”

Creating an outline works for about a day. Then, my brain throws something else into the mix that creates a disastrous domino effect.

I reread the manuscript for a novel I’ve been working on since January and made the decision to abandon it. I…

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Writing Perspectives

I haven’t been writing blog posts lately because they require a lot of brain energy I don’t have to spare right now. I saved this topic for when I had free time to organize my thoughts in the best way I could.

The idea for the topic came up during a film club meeting. Many of us were using the meeting to pitch film ideas we had. First drafts of our scripts are due on the 15th—tomorrow!

One club member… I’ll call him Jack, had a brilliant idea for a thriller (one of 3 suggested genres). His main concern was writing from the perspective of a woman. He felt that he can’t.

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When You’re Not Writing

Various items of stress are piling up as I near graduation. It’s not a bad stress, but I do need time for myself every now and then. No matter what I’m doing, I always make time for my writing. It’s more than a hobby—it’s happy work!

The longest I’ve ever gone without writing was about three months, and it wasn’t as if I didn’t care anymore. It’s one of those ‘once you stop you can’t restart’ kind of things.

I’m not the only one who’s suffered from that. What is one to do about it?

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How to Get Started With Scrivener Right Now (without losing a second of writing time)

I’ve been interested in Scrivener for a while, so I’m happy to have found a great post that explored it for me!

Vivien Reis

Recently I made a post detailing why I thought Scrivener was for everyone. I received a huge response from that video as well as some additional questions.

Today I wanted to answer one of those in particular:

How do I get started in Scrivener?

Watch the video below for a detailed tutorial! I walk you through exactly what to do to start writing today.

Upon opening this program, you may be taken aback by everything that’s going on. You’ve got sectioned off areas with drop-down bars and text and buttons galore. Scrivener is very user friendly, but like any new piece of technology, you have to take the time to get accustomed to it.

Today’s topic will be how to get started using Scrivener without spending too much time learning about it.

Most of us purchase this software to increase our productivity in novel writing. So you probably don’t want…

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My First Novel, The Gods Defense!

A reblog for today, and a book recommendation too! Support fellow authors!

Author Amie Gibbons

gods_defense_web oil with text-1

My first novel, The Gods Defense, is new today!

In a world of magic, even gods have something to fear.

When the gods woke and brought magic back to the world, society held it together. Sure, now people suddenly have powers, plants can talk and the laws have to change to accommodate magic, but the world goes on… at least until the reason the gods went to sleep in the first place comes around.

Prosecutor Cassandra Berry isn’t a fan of the gods gathering naïve people into their new religions (cults) and doesn’t like that they won’t tell people why they’ve been asleep for thousands of years, but her latest assault case has hit a wall.

The defendant is claiming the new “Gods Defense,” that Dionysus made him do it, and the judge is actually allowing it! Cassandra knows Dionysus will ignore a subpoena and pulls the only string…

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The Badasses of Howard’s End

I am currently reading Howard’s End by E.M. Forster for my Senior Seminar class. I was supposed to finish reading it over the weekend, but time wasn’t on my side.

The 1910 novel is one of those types that never appealed to me. I’m apt to read things published within the last five years, and it’s usually young-adult stuff. All these high-literature books fall into my lap because of school, and I usually approach them quite lazily.

I had no idea I was going to love this novel.

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Today I Learned: April Fools Day Might Have Started with “April Fish” Pranks

A Friday reblog—and an interesting one at that!

The Lonely Tribalist

If you’re like me, you likely don’t treat April 1st much differently from most other days of the year. So let’s do what we usually do and learn us some knowledge about this so called “April Fools Day” – or April Fools’ Day, whichever gets your rocks off.

While the absolute origin of the April Fools tradition is pretty cloudy, a major theory is that it had to do with the shifting of the calendar so that the new year started January 1st, rather than April 1st. Because people can be raging dicks, people would make fun of those who didn’t get the memo and attempted to celebrate new years on the old date of April 1st. A common joke involved attaching a paper fish to the backs of these people, much like a “kick me” sign.

But really, no one knows. Even in the 1700s, people thought it was…

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