Hello, again

I’m hoping to be back on Wordpress for good. It’s been a long few months… maybe almost a year(?) since I’ve written a post here.

I actually have stuff to write about now!

I’ve just completed my first year of grad school. I’ve started my second-ever job. I will use ‘I’ve’ more than I would like to. And I’m hoping this summer is where I turn things back around, writing-wise. Like any other disorganized writer, I’ve started multiple stories with no end in sight. *sigh*

What to expect?

This summer I only have work to worry about—no homework—so this leaves me time to finally (finally) get back to reading books of my choosing and writing my fiction (oh, how I’ve missed brainstorming stories and plot twists rather than passionless essays).

Writing Things

Sidekick Anonymous
New story!!

So far, I’ve only added one new story to my Wattpad profile. Some stories there could also do with an update and even a clean-up. I hope to get to that before the summer ends—that’s for certain.

I’ve also been slowly, slowly working on the sequel to The Page. I’m happy with how it’s turning out so far, but I hope it lives up to my own expectations.

I’ll be looking back at my writing and seeing what might’ve changed. Without really trying, I still am learning more and more about writing—whether it be for academic or personal purposes. I hope that whatever I share might be useful to somebody.

Life updates… sort of?

I’ll share about my job in the next post, but it’s a physically-demanding one that leaves me very exhausted by the end of the day. Once I’ve grown more used to it—as it’s been only a week—I hope to have more energy left over to get writing, reading, and blogging.

I also plan to share ways how I might incorporate my real-life experiences (however few they are) into my writing. Not necessarily biographical, but more anecdotal.  As an English major, stuff like that has always fascinating when reading classics as well as modern works.


With the extra time for reading, I hope to OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAstart doing some book reviews. It’s not within my budget to keep up with the latest trending books, so instead, I’ll be reviewing gems I find at my local library.

(Warning: as I call myself a YA writer, these books will mostly be YA novels).

Reviews might spill over into films and shows as well, as this summer is full of films I’m dying to see as well as shows I’ve been meaning to catch up on. I might also review other things, but we’ll see when we get there.

I also want to start sharing my interest in Japanese animes through reviews and reflections. This might be the outlier subject in my blog, but it is a genuine interest of mine, and I’d like to help in taking down negative stereotypes non-anime fans might have about it. There are also really great stories in animes that people might be missing out on.

This will also be an opportunity to practice more research skills, as the anime industry as a whole is still a giant mystery to me, and it’s bigger than one might think.

Other than that, there’s nothing left to say, really. Not much traffic has flown my way, and I don’t really expect that to change, but that’s okay. Like I’ve said before, I hope this blog entertains somebody somewhere for some reason or other.

So, that’s it.

I pass the question onto you: How has the last year been for you? Any big changes?

Take the time to pause and reflect. I’ve done a lot of that lately, and I think it’s healthy for the mind to go back and replay the Greatest Hits.

Thank you for your time.


Inkitt’s Novel Contest

I feel so dirty using such a late post only to promote myself. I mean… yeah, that’s why I created a WordPress account, but still….

This post will not only be beneficial to me, but to my fellow writers on this site as well! So… yay!

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Writing: The Sequel

I was going to title this ‘The Joys of Writing Sequels’ but thought it a bit silly. Maybe it would imply that writing a sequel would be easier than writing the first story, when that’s usually not the case.

I’ve often heard it said about film trilogies that the second one always sucks. But does that apply to novels? Is Book Two always going to be doomed???

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Writing Habits

Ha. This ended up being once a month.

So, as my summer comes to an end, I realize there is a bit of reassessing I need to do. One thing I’m thinking about are my writing habits.

I spent the last seven years only writing “when I felt like it.” Now, this isn’t so bad when writing is a fun hobby with no pressure or deadlines. Work at your own pace and quit whenever you want to.

However, if you plan to write professionally–whether it be academically, technically, or even creatively–the method of writing “when I feel like it” won’t cut it.

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Rewriting: A Summer Struggle

As a writer–or any other sort of artist–it is important to be critical of your own work. I like how we can be confident sometimes and believe our first drafts are worthy of Pulitzer Prizes.

But let’s come back down to earth and realize that masterpieces aren’t written in an hour, maybe not even a year. It’s alright to look at your work through a different lens and point out some flaws.

When it comes to writing, rewriting is sort of a requirement.

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Consistency in Writing

This post involves Captain American: Civil War, my example, so there will be semi-spoilers. I won’t be discussing the plot of the film as much, but mostly about some of the consistency issues I had with the film.

So, if you don’t want to know some details about the film, stop reading. If you choose to read, it’s a long post since I try to explain a lot (in case you haven’t seen the film).

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