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I have many stories that I’ve written over the years posted here. There should be significant improvement from my earlier stories to the most recent ones. At least you know that, for all my talk about writing, I have actually been writing (I never said I was good).

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Consider all of them first drafts I have yet to edit. A couple of stories are currently being written: Saul the Wolf (sequel to Charlie the Vampire), and Sidekick Anonymous (still very new).

I appreciate any feedback there, should you have any.

SG - The page

The Page

This alternative-world fantasy is the story of Thaniel Hew and his quest to rescue the princess, Priscilla Faust. With a kind heart and peaceful in nature, he isn’t sure whether his abilities match his drive.

Thaniel gets help from a savvy witch, a withdrawn wizard, a talkative knight-in-training, an alluring alchemist, and even an intellectual goblin.

There is more to this story than just rescuing the princess and getting a happily-ever- after. Greater forces are at work… and this is just the beginning.

My self-published novel is available in Kindle form on Amazon. Tell your fantasy-loving friends! Recommend this story to the teenagers in your life!

Thank you for your time.