A Terrible Blogger’s Update

I really have been a terrible blogger. But I have a legitimate reason.

I’m human. And I’m tired.

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Consistency in Writing

This post involves Captain American: Civil War, my example, so there will be semi-spoilers. I won’t be discussing the plot of the film as much, but mostly about some of the consistency issues I had with the film.

So, if you don’t want to know some details about the film, stop reading. If you choose to read, it’s a long post since I try to explain a lot (in case you haven’t seen the film).

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A New Perspective

So, as I mentioned before, I am a member of my university’s film club. We’re a group of students with a strong interest in film. The club members are students who write, cast, direct, and produce short student films.

I initially joined because of my interest in acting. But seeing the film-making process firsthand—however small the production was—made me realize how much work went into making a film. It wasn’t neat, but it wasn’t easy either.

And, I learned how much power there is in being the director, so I want to try my hand in that.

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I went to go see Zootopia a couple of hours ago. I don’t consider this a review–just sharing¬† a short post of my thoughts about the film.

Why did I, a 23-year-old college student, go see it?

I love Jason Bateman’s voice. I’ve enjoyed Ginnifer Goodwin’s performance on Once Upon A Time. And the fox and the bunny are just drawn really cute.

But like many other adults, I was surprised by the film and what it deals with. It dealt with heavy topics that plague our society today.

*light spoilers ahead*

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Story Time: Sunday


This is a true story.¬†Not necessarily written in a “storytelling” format. I’m just… literally… telling.

About six hours ago (12pm, my time) I was scrambling to come up with a topic for Today’s post. I only had fifteen minutes to get to class, which included stopping by the student store to get a snack for later, so my brain was spinning.

I decided I’d try and post a short story. My online storage drive didn’t have anything I could share yet, so I tried making one up on the spot… sort inspired by what happened to me Sunday evening.

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