Story Time: Sunday


This is a true story.┬áNot necessarily written in a “storytelling” format. I’m just… literally… telling.

About six hours ago (12pm, my time) I was scrambling to come up with a topic for Today’s post. I only had fifteen minutes to get to class, which included stopping by the student store to get a snack for later, so my brain was spinning.

I decided I’d try and post a short story. My online storage drive didn’t have anything I could share yet, so I tried making one up on the spot… sort inspired by what happened to me Sunday evening.

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A brief post… and a puppet

I’d made a promise to myself I would be consistent with this blog, posting something notable daily from Monday to Saturday. So I feel a little annoyed at myself because I couldn’t keep to it my second week.

I spent all of Saturday realizing I am not good with my hands.

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