Writing: The Sequel

I was going to title this ‘The Joys of Writing Sequels’ but thought it a bit silly. Maybe it would imply that writing a sequel would be easier than writing the first story, when that’s usually not the case.

I’ve often heard it said about film trilogies that the second one always sucks. But does that apply to novels? Is Book Two always going to be doomed???

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Writing Habits

Ha. This ended up being once a month.

So, as my summer comes to an end, I realize there is a bit of reassessing I need to do. One thing I’m thinking about are my writing habits.

I spent the last seven years only writing “when I felt like it.” Now, this isn’t so bad when writing is a fun hobby with no pressure or deadlines. Work at your own pace and quit whenever you want to.

However, if you plan to write professionally–whether it be academically, technically, or even creatively–the method of writing “when I feel like it” won’t cut it.

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Rewriting: A Summer Struggle

As a writer–or any other sort of artist–it is important to be critical of your own work. I like how we can be confident sometimes and believe our first drafts are worthy of Pulitzer Prizes.

But let’s come back down to earth and realize that masterpieces aren’t written in an hour, maybe not even a year. It’s alright to look at your work through a different lens and point out some flaws.

When it comes to writing, rewriting is sort of a requirement.

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Writing Perspectives

I haven’t been writing blog posts lately because they require a lot of brain energy I don’t have to spare right now. I saved this topic for when I had free time to organize my thoughts in the best way I could.

The idea for the topic came up during a film club meeting. Many of us were using the meeting to pitch film ideas we had. First drafts of our scripts are due on the 15th—tomorrow!

One club member… I’ll call him Jack, had a brilliant idea for a thriller (one of 3 suggested genres). His main concern was writing from the perspective of a woman. He felt that he can’t.

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Little Brother Tumblr

Here is where I lose all credibility, all the momentum from my previous post about Bookbub. A lot of my posts are hit or miss. I won’t apologize.

Now, as a writer, I cater to the young adult/millennial age group. If you want absolutely nothing to do with this audience, feel free to scroll past this post. I don’t think it’s for you.

For I  will be talking about one of the best and worst places on the Internet.

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Melancholy Monday

I am trying not to continually disappoint myself. So I’m writing this post.

I’m feeling much better now, more accomplished. I’m getting some creative writing done, homework is all caught up, and the quarter’s almost over. Tomorrow is my film club’s film screening, so I’m excited for that.

This Monday, however, was… well, lame. Even if I already know these things about myself, having it shoved in my face still irks me, and I want that to stop.

Once again, it’s been proven that (1) I am a terrible leader, and (b) I am not loud.

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