Inkitt’s Novel Contest

I feel so dirty using such a late post only to promote myself. I mean… yeah, that’s why I created a WordPress account, but still….

This post will not only be beneficial to me, but to my fellow writers on this site as well! So… yay!

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Writing: The Sequel

I was going to title this ‘The Joys of Writing Sequels’ but thought it a bit silly. Maybe it would imply that writing a sequel would be easier than writing the first story, when that’s usually not the case.

I’ve often heard it said about film trilogies that the second one always sucks. But does that apply to novels? Is Book Two always going to be doomed???

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Writing Habits

Ha. This ended up being once a month.

So, as my summer comes to an end, I realize there is a bit of reassessing I need to do. One thing I’m thinking about are my writing habits.

I spent the last seven years only writing “when I felt like it.” Now, this isn’t so bad when writing is a fun hobby with no pressure or deadlines. Work at your own pace and quit whenever you want to.

However, if you plan to write professionally–whether it be academically, technically, or even creatively–the method of writing “when I feel like it” won’t cut it.

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Rewriting: A Summer Struggle

As a writer–or any other sort of artist–it is important to be critical of your own work. I like how we can be confident sometimes and believe our first drafts are worthy of Pulitzer Prizes.

But let’s come back down to earth and realize that masterpieces aren’t written in an hour, maybe not even a year. It’s alright to look at your work through a different lens and point out some flaws.

When it comes to writing, rewriting is sort of a requirement.

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Consistency in Writing

This post involves Captain American: Civil War, my example, so there will be semi-spoilers. I won’t be discussing the plot of the film as much, but mostly about some of the consistency issues I had with the film.

So, if you don’t want to know some details about the film, stop reading. If you choose to read, it’s a long post since I try to explain a lot (in case you haven’t seen the film).

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Abandon Manuscript!: The Diary of a Quitter

We’ve all been here. Here’s a great post, a confession many of us have often made.

The Crooked Pen

I’m notorious for jumping ship whenever a story becomes complicated. Friends ask me frequently how a story is going and my blood goes cold.

Oh,” I think, “just imagine a sinking boat that suddenly catches fire only to be extinguished by a humpback whale, leaping from the water and crushing it into splinters with its girth. That’s how the story is going.”

I frequently write myself into corners.

I create plots that are too complex to unravel.

I design characters that don’t do what I want them to do.

Then there’s the constant feeling of being adrift at sea, wondering “now what?”

Creating an outline works for about a day. Then, my brain throws something else into the mix that creates a disastrous domino effect.

I reread the manuscript for a novel I’ve been working on since January and made the decision to abandon it. I…

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